Ditta Braggio Menù


Brass, Copper and Zinc are the principal protagonists in the production of works of absolute prestige; a multiannual research and a continuous development, all of this would not have realization if not through the experienced hands and the wisdom of our artisans.

Every treatment is formed of a preparatory part, of superficial mechanical removal and then a second purely chemical phase of reaction, we are therefore able to guarantee a constant aesthetics and a personal impression in every product.

We use chemical procedures of oxidation to get results repeatable but with purely individual characteristics. In order to ensure the durability we lay a protective varnish that contributes to a successful aesthetical finish.

Ottone Pattern #4
Ottone Radica
Ottone Pattern #3
Ottone Pattern #2
Ottone Camouflage
Ottone satinato
Ottone Sphere
Ottone Pattern #5
Ottone Pattern #1
Ottone Graffio
Ottone Graffio, brunito
Ottone brunito